Speech Language Therapy

Veitch Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre is pleased to offer Speech-Language Pathology services.


Sheila J. Rowe, B.A. (Ed), M.H.Sc., R-SLP(C) is a Speech-Language Pathologist and a former teacher with over 30 years experience working in the school system. Sheila has worked with children experiencing delays and/or disorders in many areas of speech, language, and reading/writing development. Sheila has special interest and expertise working with severe reading and writing difficulties and has training in the Orton-Gillingham approach for individuals with dyslexia. Sheila brings to our clinic a comprehensive speech and language service providing therapy for difficulties with articulation, fluency, oral language understanding and use, phonological awareness development, and all levels of reading, writing, and spelling difficulties. Sheila is the author of “Phonological Awareness Success: A Step-By-Step Activity Guide” (Thinking Publication, 2002) and is also the recipient of awards for Academic Excellence and Clinical Excellence from University of Toronto.


Support is available for children experiencing difficulty with speech, language, reading, writing and spelling development:


  • articulation (distorting sounds; omitting sounds; substituting sounds; adding sounds)


  • stuttering (repeating sounds; prolonging sounds or syllables; avoiding sounds/words; tension in jaw/lips/face when speaking)


  • voice disorders (pitch too high or too low; too loud or too quiet; distorted voice quality)


  • understanding spoken language (understanding vocabulary; understanding concepts; following directions; answering questions; understanding social use of language)


  • using spoken language appropriately (using vocabulary; asking and answering questions; using complete sentences; using appropriate word order; telling stories with appropriate detail and sequence; reasoning and problem solving)


  • phonological awareness (rhyme; identifying sounds and syllables in words; manipulating sounds and syllables; applying phonological awareness to print for reading/spelling)



  • reading, writing and spelling disorders (dyslexia; reading, writing and/or spelling abilities well below grade level and below the level expected given the instruction provided; reading, writing and/or spelling abilities inconsistent with abilities in other areas)