What to expect during my initial visit to Physio?

Expect to be at the appointment from anywhere between approximately 30-60 minutes, depending on the injury or dysfunction being assessed. You will be asked about your health history, the origin of the injury, any pain you are experiencing, information about your job and both daily and recreational activities. Wear clothing that will allow the physiotherapist to assess the injury easily. If the knee is injured, wear shorts for the assessment instead of pants and if the shoulder is the source of the pain, than wear a t-shirt instead of a dress-shirt. Use your best judgement. If you have been referred to get physiotherapy treatment by your doctor, bring along your referral.

Will my insurance cover it?

Most insurance plans cover private physiotherapy and massage treatments if a doctor has referred it. There is a certain amount of money allotted for treatment per year so call your private insurance provider regarding any questions you may have about your individual plan. When you call Veitch Physiotherapy to book your initial assessment, ask about our direct billing. If your insurance is able to be directly billed, make sure to bring along your doctors referral and insurance information. If you are unable to bill your insurance company directly, you will have to pay the fee for the physiotherapy treatment up front. You will receive a receipt and you can then follow your insurance’s procedure to get a refund.

I’ve been in a Motor Vehicle Accident and need physiotherapy, what do I do?

If you have been in a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) report your injury to your insurance company as soon as possible. Meet with your family doctor and tell them that your injury is because of an MVA and they will decide with you if Physiotherapy and/ or Massage are appropriate. If it is a suitable treatment for you, it is recommended you start physiotherapy as soon as possible to start the healing process so you can have a quicker recovery time. Call Veitch Physiotherapy to book your initial assessment.

What is Workers Compensation and what is the procedure for it?

Workers Compensation is an insurance fee paid by companies to provide benefits to their employees who become injured or sick due to occupational tasks. Employees are entitled to these benefits and medical care if an injury or illness due to the job arises.

It is best to get the appropriate care for your injury immediately after it happens. If you have been injured because of an accident at work or if you have developed an injury because of poor working conditions or repetitive tasks, make sure your employer is aware of your injury immediately. Fill out and submit the Workers Report of Injury (Form 6) and ensure your employer has completed form 7. Depending on your company, we may be able to get a claim number for you or you may have to get one before you can receive treatment. It is best to call Veitch Physiotherapy to ask any questions you may have and to see what the next step for you is. Once this is figured out, an initial assessment will be booked with the physiotherapist.

When will my pain go away?

There is no specific amount of time that it takes for you to begin feeling better. Healing is dependent on many factors such as your age, the type of injury, the length of time since your injury first happened and how you initially took care of the injury. Your overall health, daily activities, occupational tasks and commitment to the treatment program all play factors as well. Since everybody perceives pain differently and has unique lifestyle factors, it is nearly impossible to pin point exactly when you will begin to feel better. Your therapist will discuss your particular injury and circumstances with you during your initial assessment.

How long do I need to get physiotherapy treatments for?

There is no specific amount of treatments that you will need. Once you have been assessed by your physiotherapist, they will start you off with treatments and increase or decrease the amount of visits based on your progress.

What will I do after physiotherapy?

Once again, everyone is different so there is no definite plan that should be followed once you are done with your treatments. Some people will continue with their home exercises whereas others will complete the rehab program and then return to normal daily activities. The best thing to do is discuss your goals to your physiotherapist so both of you can create a customized program.

What if the pain/problem returns?

Flare-ups are not uncommon. If you do have a flare-up, give your physiotherapist a call. The physiotherapist may suggest that you come back in for a treatment or to go see your family doctor or to simply modify your daily activities or exercise routine.