What’s In Your Coffee?


Interested in learning an easy way to lose a few pounds? For some people it might be beneficial to rethink your drink. Did you know that 1 double double from Tim Hortons can be adding ~230 calories to your diet! Many clients I see on a regular basis drink 4-5 of these a day (that’s 900-1100 calories in coffee alone). Nutrient wise, these calories could be better “spent” on a nutrient dense breakfast such as ¾ cup greek yogurt + berries + ¼ cup granola (250 calories) or a healthy lunch such as a tuna sandwich + 1 cup veggies (300 calories).

It is also important to keep in mind other sources of calories from drinks such as juice, soda, milk, and alcoholic beverages. Check out this chart to see just how many extra calories you might be consuming in coffee each day.

What’s in Your Coffee?


Coffee Calories Sugar Fat ( ½ is saturated)
Med 1 milk 15 1g 0.5g
Med 1 milk ½ splenda 15 1g 0.5g
Med 1 milk 1 sugar 50 9g 0.5g
Med 1 cream 40 1g 3.5g
Med 1 cream 1 sugar 75 9g 3.5g
Med Double Double 150 18g 7g
Large 1 milk 20 2g 1g
Large 1 milk 1 sugar 65 13g 1g
Large 1 cream 70 2g 6g
Large 2 milk 1 sugar 85 15g 2g
Large 2 milk 2 sugar 130 26g 2g
Large Double Double 230 26g 12g
Large Triple Triple 345 39g 18g
Large 4×4 460 54g 24g
XL 1 milk 30 3g 1g
XL 1 milk 1 sugar 80 17g 1g
XL 1 cream 90 3g 7g
XL 1 cream 1 sugar 140 17g 7g
XL Double Double 280 34g 14g
XL Triple Triple 420 51g 21g
XL 4×4 560 68g 28g

* You can ask for ½ a sugar in your coffee!


Here’s another idea! Instead of having a second or third coffee in the morning, why not try something more filling such as a skim milk latte or a mixed berry smoothie (1/2 cup berries, ½ cup milk, ¼ cup yogurt, 1 tbsp honey). Each of these options will save you ~100-150 calories and add 7-10 grams of protein to help keep you full longer.