Jaleesa Hawco

Jaleesa Hawco is a graduate of the Memorial University School of Pharmacy, holding a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy and a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition. She has worked in many pharmacies across the province, from the East to the West Coast, and has fallen in love with Corner Brook. She hopes to use her passion for community pharmacy to provide patients with tools and knowledge to better understand and manage their overall health and chronic conditions. Jaleesa is injection certified, holds prescribing rights, and can provide nutrition counseling. She is eager to answer any health-related questions and will gladly research health information that is not readily accessible. A pharmacist is the most readily available health care professional to the general public. Through our pharmacist, clients of Veitch Wellness Center can readily access health care and medication-related information. Stay tuned for more details about how your pharmacist can improve your overall health.