Electronic Bike Share – Western Environment Centre

Don’t Sweat It! — Corner Brook Electric Bike Share

A Western Environment Centre Project

Supported by the Grenfell Student Union, the City of Corner Brook, Memorial University, Cycle Solutions and the Government of Canada.

WEC is a Corner Brook-based, charitable, non-profit ENGO which works to:

  • engage communities in environmental issues in a balanced, objective, and informed manner
  • work with community partners, businesses, and government agencies to build capacity and involvement in projects related to environmental action and sustainability
  • create a community of environmentally pro-active citizens

Aims of the Project:

  • tackle climate change locally by reducing greenhouse gas emissions produced by private vehicle use
  • Contribute to a culture of active and sustainable transportation in our community by providing a new, fun, healthy and affordable mode of transportation

Logistics for Pilot Year:

  • 9 e-bikes available for rental in first season (Spring 2015) season lasts from April to November (pending weather conditions)
  • rental fee= $10/day, $40/week
  • 2 stand/kiosk locations: Grenfell Campus & Cycle Solutions
  • helmets will be made available
  • locks provided
  • sign-out waiver/rental agreement must be signed

Why ebikes?

  • hilly Corner Brook topography. E-bikes tackle hills effortlessly.
  • usable by diverse group of people with varying levels of fitness/skill
  • promotes active transportation
  • promotes activity, interaction and shopping within downtown area
  • pedal-assist bicycles can reduce commuter traffic congestion andgreenhouse gas emissions
  • promotes healthy communities by fostering environmental, social, andeconomic sustainability