Heather Huybregts

About Heather Huybregts


Heather graduated from McMaster University in 2008 with a Master of Science in Physiotherapy after completing a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry-Nutrition at Memorial University in 2005.

Heather completed post-graduated courses in therapeutic taping (Bahram Jam) and treatment of lumbar spine dysfunction (Jim Meadows). She incorporated these skill-sets into her work in private practice in Corner Brook, St. John’s, Fort McMurray and Calgary. While practicing in Calgary, she took an interest in the specific needs of her female patients with regards to pelvic health, particularly during pregnancy and post-partum. She completed training at the Lois Hole Hospital for Women in Edmonton in the treatment of urinary incontinence through pelvic-floor muscle re-education and behavioural techniques. She went on to complete up to level IV training with Pelvic Health Solutions (Vaughan, ON) in the manual treatment of pelvic pain in pregnancy, and other types of pelvic pain/dysfunction. For the past three years, Heather has been practicing pelvic health physiotherapy with female patients of all ages.

In addition to pelvic health physiotherapy, Heather has eight years’ experience treating a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries/dysfunctions from chronic/acute neck or back pain to sports injuries as well temporomandibular dysfunction and repetitive use injuries. Heather is a very hands-on therapist and incorporates myofascial release techniques into most of her practice.

When she is not practicing physiotherapy or chasing after her energetic three-year old, Heather enjoys acting in local theatre productions and she is an avid blogger.