We use our feet all day long, from walking around the kitchen to make breakfast in the morning to running after the kids in the backyard. We rely on our feet on a daily basis so it is important we keep them healthy. Poor walking patterns, abnormal biomechanics, and/or foot imbalances can be the reason behind experiencing not only heel, arch and general foot pain but knee, hip and back pain as well. With the use of orthotics, the foot and ankle can be re-aligned to their neutral positions and will restore your natural foot function. This will provide a more even weight distribution on the foot, taking pressure off sore areas such as the ball or bunions. The orthotic will either have to be inserted into your shoe or they will be integrated into the shoe design and become part of the sole.

At Veitch Physiotherapy, you can order your orthotics through our supplier and give your feet the support they need! Orthotics are covered by most insurance companies, so they’re cost is often subsidized or paid for in full.