Ergonomic Review

With technology constantly advancing and our increasing reliability on computers, individuals are spending more time at their workstations. When sitting in a workstation with a poor design while having poor posture, it will eventually cause harm to the body. This prolonged sitting position can place stress on muscles, joints, ligaments and nerves in the neck, upper back, shoulders and low back. This repetitive, prolonged stress can lead to pain and weakness in the affected muscles.

Ergonomic intervention is one of prevention and intervention. A worksite should be one where an employee is productive but is not at risk of injuring themselves. During an ergonomic assessment, factors such as job demands, job design, cognitive demands and the workstation environment will be evaluated. We are able to provide this service at Veitch Physiotherapy and can travel to your workplace to create a formal report with recommendations on potential hazards and beneficial changes to the workspace. Book an appointment with an Occupational Therapist at Veitch Physiotherapy to learn more information.